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Strange Love.

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Courtney's making preparations for Halloween!

TMZ cameras caught Mel Gibson out in L.A. Yesterday, probably buying new phones

Jessica Alba is a hard girl to figure out.

Uh-oh. Miley Cyrus has managed to piss some important people off. And I don't mean the idiots that pay 200 dollars a ticket for one of her concerts.

Sexy Rosario Dawson strips for the new November issue of GQ Germany.

Kim Kardashian in a Bar Brawl? TMZ reports it so........

It hasn't been a good week for people named Sanchez. The voice behind Dora The Explorer, 14 year old Caitlin Sanchez is suing the network Nickelodeon for millions of dollars she believes is owed to her for the years she spent voicing the cartoon character.

- What Else Is New?

Remember Frankie Muniz? The little dweeb from Malcolm In The Middle? When that show got canceled in 2005 Frankie just disappeared. Well, there's a reason for that

Bristol Palin, currently on Dancing With The Stars tells Access Hollywood that she hasn't managed to drop any weight since the grueling show began.

"I haven't really noticed a change in [my body]," she told Access Hollywood.

Toni Braxton can't afford buttons for her blouse because TMZ Reports That The singer is B-R-O-K-E and in debt - to the tune of 50 million dollars.


Sure, I could write a bit about this amazing trailer but reading it would rob you of precious time you could spend re-watching this thing over and over and over and over and over and over. Let's not ruin a wonderful relationship. No words are needed.

Just watch.

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