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Thursday, 30 July 2015 20:31

Britney Spears Is Single - Again

For the second time in just 10 months, Britney Spears has broken up with another man. Last Summer, Britney Broke up with....Jesus, who even remembers that loser's name? I do remember he cheated on Brit with a no-name porn-star wannabe chick and that was it for him. Now, Britney has split from her boyfriend of nearly one year Charlie Ebersol. Apparently, the split occurred several weeks ago. Charlie is the son of Dick Ebersol, a former NBC executive who co-created Saturday Night Live in 1975 and Susan St. James. Brit and Charlie started dating in October. The couple was last seen together at the Billboard Awards last month. Brit set off rumors yesterday on Twitter when she posted a photo of her on a yacht with University Football player Harris Beall captioning it "So nice to be home! Nothing like Louisiana boys." He then replied back with "Oops I think I'm in love' which was a line from Britney's "Oops, I Did It Again."Britney has not had much luck with me in her life. There was Justin Timberlake, then K-Fed, then that Jason guy, then whats-his-face and now Charlie. Perhaps Brit should lay off men for a while. Men aren't the answer to everything, Brit. Just ask Taylor Swift. Oh, What's that? Taylor has a boyfriend now? Never mind.


Thursday, 30 July 2015 20:30

James Horner (1953-2015)

Oscar-winning Titanic composer James Horner, died Monday morning in a small plane crash near Ventucopa, CA, in Santa Barbara County. Horner, 61, was identified Monday evening as the pilot of a single-engine S-312 Tucano MK-1, a plane registered in his name. According to CBS 2 in Los Angeles, the plane wreckage caused a brush fire, which Santa Barbara County Fire responded to at approximately 9:30 AM PST.

26 year old Jake Lloyd, the young child actor who portrayed Anakin Skywalker in 1999's Star Wars Episode I - The Phantom Menace, became a menace on the road himself this past weekend when he decided to re-enact Episode I's epic podrace sequence in Charlseton, S.C by speeding down an open road - on an expired license. Tsk. Even 8 year old Anakin knew better than to do that. Yes, I'm sure the wait time at the DMV on Tatooine was lengthy but at least he wouldn't have to worry about Gardella the Hutt catching him. And where was Threepio to try and stop him? Probably whining about having his wires exposed.

Lloyd is still in custody from his arrest when cops noticed Lloyd driving a Nissan at around 80 MPH. They began to chase him, but for some reason, Lloyd's reaction was to speed up, weaving and narrowly missing cars and trucks. He even used the median to pass vehicles. Now THAT'S podracing! Lloyd hit several trees and was taken into custody and charged with reckless driving, failure to stop, resisting arrest and driving without a license. He's currently waiting for his mom, Shmi to bail him out using galactic republic credits. Poor Jake. He really was consumed by the dark side of the force. Somewhere right now inside a dingy alien space bar outside our galaxy, I'm pretty sure Sebulba is laughing his head off.

Image Courtesy TMZ



Thursday, 30 July 2015 20:28

Karrueche Tran Went To The Beach

Two weeks ago, Karrueche Tran was out one night with her total bestie Christina Milian when something that could be best described as a five and a half foot stack of whiny baby shit who goes by the name Chris Brown got all up in her space but she wasn't having that so she left but he slithered his way into her car and somehow he wound up beating in her door in the middle of the night. No word from him since so he probably got the hint that she is over that no good playa-playa. To show that she doesn't give a hot girl's fart about him, Karrueche decided to spend some time frolicking along a Miami beach yesterday just enjoying the sun and surf. I'm sure Karrauche brought all the essentials with her on her little trip: Credit cards, iPhone, bathing suits, sunscreen and a very good pair of sneakers to run in for when Chris lunges out of the water for her like he's the goddamn shark from Jaws.

Image Courtesy © Pacific Coast News

Emily Ratajkowski has became the latest celebrity to lend her support to the Planned Parenthood organization. Other celebrities who support the cause include Scarlett Johansson, Pink, Elizabeth Banks, Julianne Moore, Gwyneth Paltrow, Wanda Sykes and Lena Dunham. This might be the only time where Lena Dunham's name will come up anywhere else in connection to Emily Ratajkowski. Unless Lena tweets that she saw Emily on a magazine cover while she was in the store buying ice cream which I can totally relate to because I just watched an ad for Magic Mike on TV while I just finished a bag of Bar-B-Q chips. Holy God, Emily is pretty. She almost makes me want to give up Bar-B-Q chips and start going to the gym in the hopes that I'll get really fit and find a girlfriend as pretty as her. I said almost. Now hand me that bowl of sour cream and onion dip.

During a workout session, model Nina Agdel must have really been in quite the zone, as she exercised so hard she busted a hole right in the back of her tight dark yoga pants. Apparently, Nina was unaware of the round rip so she pranced around the gym for 20 minutes with her ass-crack exposed. At least she didn't rip the front instead. Once it was pointed out to her that she was giving everyone a free show, instead of fleeing into the change room to put on another pair, or even finish her work out for the day, she decided to snap a selfie and share it to the world on Instagram. I notice that Nina is not wearing any underwear hear and that is quite unsanitary. I seriously don't know how Nina can ever expect to land a man when she's exhibiting gross bad habits such as this. It's truly very sad. Well, the guy on the ground there doesn't seem to mind though. Perhaps they should go on a date or something. Believe me, she's done worse. Way worse.

Image Courtesy Instagram/NinaAgdel © 2015


Thursday, 30 July 2015 20:26

Lindsay Lohan Wants To Be Frozen Now

I have no explanation why Lindsay Lohan was inside the Zimmer Cryogenic facility over the weekend but I assume she was looking for some ice cold vodka and figured this place would have the coldest. Too bad Lindsay's lips never froze shut because then we'd never have to hear her lie about anything ever again. It's also too bad Lindsay wasn't frozen and put into hibernation like Han Solo was at the end of Empire Strikes Back because then we could ship her off to Jabba The Hutt where she'd hang permanently on Jabba's chamber wall. And unlike Han, nobody would care enough about Lindsay to ever rescue her. *Sigh* If only.

On another note: does somebody want to explain to me why that other woman is wearing the Hamburger Helper mitt over her hand?

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Quiz Time: Which one of the two people standing together on the left side in this photo will be elected the next President of the United States?

Answer: It won't be the guy on the left with the dried raccoon lying on top of his head and has had to file for bankruptcy 1/2 a dozen times. Nope. Not him. 

But, hey, at least he's got Joey Lawrence's support. Whoa!

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Naya Rivera snapped this photo to her Instagram account a few days ago which she captioned "Baby's first bathroom selfie." Does anybody know what building she's in? Is this a public bathroom? Sure looks like it. I never understand why people snap selfies of themselves in public places. I see juice-heads do this very same thing as well in the washroom of the gym I go to. Right with the toilet stalls behind them and then they post those photos to Facebook later. That's right. I'm sure women really get turned on by seeing a dude stand in front of a public toilet stall. At least Naya's smart enough not to stand anywhere near anything nasty like that. Except for the six years on Glee she spent working alongside Lea Michele.

BOOM, SON! I'm out. 

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Surprisingly, Iyanla Vanzant must have forced some sense into Karrueche Tran back when Ivanla interviewed Tran for the OWN network back in April, because she still has refused to give Chris Brown the time of day. Not that he hasn't been trying to get it from her. Chris has tried reaching Karrueche via Instagram, email, texts, radio interviews and finally, showing up unannounced where ever Karrueche might be. I wonder if Karrueche has ever seen Cape Fear because she should take that as a hint as to what can happen when a violent sociopath won't leave you alone. It's also an awesome as shit movie. This too. 

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