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Thursday, 19 November 2015 16:49

Zo Here Iz Za ZOOLANDER 2 Trailer

I wasn't crazy about The first Zoolander movie and I most likely won't be lining up to see this one when it opens on February 12th. If I do decide to watch it at some point, it'll be because it features Penelope Cruz in a sexy red leather jumpsuit and Justin Bieber gets assassinated. Have a happy 2016 Bieber-killing Valentine's day everyone!

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Former host of the 2011 AVN's, former porn-star and former Charlie Sheen "goddess" (R.I.P.) Bree Olson today is none too pleased regarding revelations surrounding Charlie's announcement that he has been living with HIV for a number of years now. In case you haven't heard, the former warlock, Charlie announced yesterday on The Today Show that since 2011, he has been living with HIV.

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Monday, 02 November 2015 22:11

Monica Bellucci Is Hardly In SPECTRE

Hey, what kind of bullcrap is this? Reports from those who have already seen the new 007 movie Spectre (opening Friday) say that 51 year old Monica Bellucci appears in the 148 minute movie - for only about 15 minutes. Well that's quite surprising, considering the way media outlets have been heavily celebrating the fact that an older actress would finally portray a Bond girl after 50 years of 007 movies. It's worth noting that nobody involved with the movie did anything to dispel that notion either. Nobody involved in the making of Spectre realized that hiring a gorgeous actress like Monica Bellucci for your movie and only giving her 15 minutes of screen time is like buying a delicious chocolate fudge ice cream cake, eating only a spoonful of it and letting the rest melt. Only an idiot would do that. Or a Victoria's Secret model three weeks before their annual show. One of their tricks ya see.

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Monday, 02 November 2015 19:06

Here's Tiny Elf-Girl's New Video

Reformed donut-licker and teeny munchkin-girl Ariana Grande has dropped her latest Beyonce-ish video online titled "Focus" and this thing is so stupidly basic , it's hardly even worth writing about. You know what is worth writing about? These Halloween Chewbacca and Yoda decorations I bought for 70% off yesterday. 

Aren't they awesome? Isn't this a lot better than looking at Ariana Grande? Although, if I personally knew Ariana Grande, I would ask her to stand in the middle of this photo and nobody would think anything was odd about it - mainly due to all three of them being the same height. 

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So you probably won't be seeing this in Star Wars. Here is Claudia Schiffer attending Jonathan Ross’s Halloween Party in London this past Saturday night. Claudia is probably dressed as a sexy female C-3PO. Well nice try, Claudia, but if you were trying to get C-3PO's attention it seems you're barking up the wrong droid. I heard he like boy robots only and once queen Leia rules gay marriage legal all across the known star systems, I'm sure Threepio and his long-time partner R2-D2 will waste no time at all before making their union official. I just hope Chewbacca takes it easy on the space booze at the wedding reception. Whenever he drinks he's been known on many moons to get quite handsy towards all the female guests.

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Sure, I could write a bit about this amazing trailer but reading it would rob you of precious time you could spend re-watching this thing over and over and over and over and over and over. Let's not ruin a wonderful relationship. No words are needed.

Just watch.

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Here is Demi Lovato, all decked out in red leather performing for the MLB World Series Game Four at the Citi Field in New York City on Sunday. Look, I consider Demi to be a beautiful young woman for sure, who I also believe looks great. Gee, I wonder if her studded leather jacket was in honor of Michael Jackson or if it was in honor of that woman in the red leather devil bodysuit from Bananarama's "Venus" video. Hey, whatever happened to that lady? She must be in her 50's now. I have a feeling a lot of young males had fantasies about her in the mid-80's when that video first came out. I was too young for that, but I did fantasize about those gorgeous blonde dancers in Prince's "Batdance" video from 1989. I'd imagine those women must be in their 50's now as well. I'm not sure what I'm really getting at here. I know Demi is in her early 20's so she won't be in her 50's for a long while yet. I hope when Demi reaches that age though, she'll remember her younger years fondly. I wonder how she'll then feel about her now current boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama? He'll be almost in his 70's - but I'm sure the 23 year old girl he'll be dating at that time will make him feel just like a young feller again, so what a lucky gal she'll be.

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'Sup nerds? Well, are you as in love with this BEAUTIFUL just released official poster for Star Wars: The Force Awakens as I am? Oh, I know you are. The force is strong with this one.

Today, Lucasfilm, Disney Pictures and J.J. Abrams' Bad Robot Productions unveiled the official poster art for the next Star Wars movie over at StarWars.com. Opening just two months from now, the new movie is titled Star Wars Episode VII -The Force Awakens - though it appears as if they have dropped those "Episode whatever" tags from the titles of this new series of movies as a way to distance themselves from the bad taste still lingering in the mouths of fans from the prequels. Ouch. Take that, Natalie Portman. You hack. 

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Saturday, 17 October 2015 07:59

Playboy Done Right - And Not Right - #1

Done Right: Twin Peaks temptress Sherilyn Fenn posing in a festive green satin dress on the cover of this December 1990 issue. Fenn brought a touch of classic golden-age movie star glamour to a magazine which is not really known for such displays. Rumor has it, Fenn's Peaks co-star Lara Flynn Boyle was so jealous of Fenn's beauty (on clear display here), she vetoed a proposed story-line concerning an upcoming blossoming romance between Fenn's character and that of the show's star, Kyle Machlachlan - whom Boyle was dating at the time. Oh well. At least we still have this cover though - which might be one the magazine's all time classiest.

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