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Thursday, 24 December 2015 00:00

Happy Holidays Everybody!

From the Clintons, the Trumps and myself, I would like to wish all of you a safe and happy holiday 2015. There are many wonderful things to be thankful for this season - for instance, did you know there's a brand new Star Wars movie in theaters? There Is! It's like it was released without any fanfare or promotion at all whatsoever. I don't know how that movie's makers expect audiences to go see a movie without letting anybody know about it. DUMB! Hopefully, they'll try harder for the next one, and the one after that, and after that...and so on. 

If you spent any time at all reading this site this year, I thank you. If not, I still thank you because I'd like to imagine instead of reading my site, you were writing mean things about Donald Trump on other sites and if so, I really thank you. I Hope to see you all safe and happy this time next year as well. That is if President Trump doesn't kick me out of the country for the mean things I wrote about him. Let's not hope that happens.

Warm holiday Christmas wishes to all of you,


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Friday, 18 December 2015 00:00

Elizabeth Hurley's Holiday Card Looks Nice

Elizabeth Hurley posted this holiday greeting on her Instagram today and I like the sense of humor she's exhibiting. It's certainly funnier than anything on display in Serving Sara. Oh, forgot about that one, did'ja? Well, I can understand why. Sorry for even mentioning it.

Elizabeth must have had a great time coming up with this concept. An attractive woman wearing a bikini (from a photo shoot which took place more than ten years ago) in the middle of the arctic is clever - if you're developing a beer commercial. Poor Liz doesn't even have any mittens to keep her hands warm. She'd have been better off wearing that red leather jumpsuit she wore in Bedazzled. Leather is good at keeping you warm, right? I'm pretty certain. At least she appears to be wearing sunscreen so I suppose she'll be alright.

Now obviously everything in this card is photo-shopped because there's no way Elizabeth would be standing around in her bikini surrounded by a pack of snow wolves. I mean, did she even see that Liam Neeson movie The Grey? I don't think she'd want to end up like everybody in that movie did. You know - stuck in a crappy movie. Oh, and being eaten alive by vicious, bloodthirsty rabid wolves. That also would blow.

Image Courtesy Instagram

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Friday, 11 December 2015 09:48

At Least Lindsay Lohan Is Housebroken

I guess this is going to be Lindsay Lohan's Xmas card. Squatting in some kind of corset thing while wearing six inch heels with a smoke in her left hand while she uses her right hand to scratch her holiday wreath (which thankfully she won't let us see). I assume she's still living it up on her married sugar-daddies dime in Greece and perhaps this is a holiday custom over there. I dunno. If Greece is happy with her they can keep her. And when Donald Trump builds his giant wall straight to the moon, Lindsay will never be able to get back inside the country. That will suck for her. How will she ever be able to accept that Oscar in person? I don't think she thinks these things out very much.

Image Courtesy Instagram

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I like Demi Lovato but she really needs to rethink what she wears onstage. I mean, the outfit she wore last month while performing at the world series wasn't bad at all. Why didn't she go for something like that while performing at the Kiss 108 Jingle Ball in Boston last night? Noooooo...she couldn't do that because then she wouldn't have been able to wear this Madonna/Britney Spears thing. Demi, It's December. Wear a coat. Or pants. Or a coat and pants. Those are nice things to wear during the LAST THREE WEEKS OF THE YEAR! I get that you're all confident with your appearance these days. I know this because you have a song out now called "Confident" which I hear on the radio 20 times each day.  You can still be confident in a coat and pants. Look, you did it here. I guess what I'm trying to say, Demi, is that I want you to stay warm so you don't catch a cold and get sick and have to stay in bed for an entire week - because I still gotta put up my stupid Christmas tree and I might need your help to do that because I know you've been exercising a lot and I've been eating cheeseburgers and chili covered chips every night for three months and you can't help me (re: I watch you do everything while sitting down to eat a cheeseburger and chili covered chips) if you're sick as a goat. Seriously, Demi, why don't you think about anyone but yourself for once? Geez.

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Immensely talented classically-trained composer and pianist Sonya Belousova who has performed her own arrangement's of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and classical pieces such as Prokofiev’s "Montagues and Capulets" and Rimsky-Korsakov’s "Flight of The Bumblebee", gets her geek on in this video where she performs selected John Williams themes from the Star Wars saga. In this ten minute presentation, Sonya performs such iconic themes such as the "Star Wars Main Title", "Princess Leia's Theme", "Duel of the Fates" (From The Phantom Menace) and "The Imperial March (Darth Vader's Theme)" (both performed while wearing Sith-like black leather gloves) and ending with the "End Credits" fanfare from Return of the Jedi (a personal favorite of mine). Now if you happen to be particular fan of the "Parade of the Ewoks" theme from Jedi, sadly Sonya doesn't play that one. Like, she doesn't even hum it. But I did. This morning with a mouthful of coffee. I didn't even get very far into it though because then the assistant manager at Dunkin' Donuts told me to get the hell out. What a jerk!

Video Courtesy Player Piano

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Wednesday, 09 December 2015 21:01

Lindsay Lohan In Notofu Magazine Looks Wrong

Apparently the editors over at Notofu (or is it No Tofu?) magazine must think that we are all pretty stupid because they want us to believe that this is a photo of 29 year old Lindsay Lohan last month in the tropical island of Mykonos, Greece. Ha! We know what 29 year old Lindsay Lohan looks like. She posts photos of her 30 year old self all over her Instagram so yeah, we know what 29 year old Lindsay Lohan looks like. That image above looks more like 2006 Lindsay Lohan. What are you trying to pull Notofu? Although, credit where it's due as they decided to feature a photo of Lindsay grabbing herself a Coke soft drink which is very, very different from the type of coke she's used to ingesting. Very clever way Notofu of insinuating Lindsay loves her "Coke."

Now what in the name of the lord Santa Claus is Notofu (or No Tofu) magazine?

Image Courtesy Nofotu Magazine

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Wednesday, 09 December 2015 16:58

Candice Swanepoel Hung Out In NYC Yesterday

Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel demonstrated she isn't afraid of ISIS yesterday by hanging out atop the observation deck of The Empire State Building in NYC. Candice was there to promote the Annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show which aired last night on CBS. I've never understood why this show always airs in December. Why would anyone buy lingerie when it's freezing outside? What kind of scam is Candice trying to push? Just look how pleased with herself she is - what with those crystal clear blue eyes, her hair the color of an angel's, her soft, full, luscious pink lips in a playful 1/2 naughty smile, the flirty way she's pulling on her hair like a girl does when she's talking with a boy she's into, the way she's wearing that soft, stylish, fitted black leather jacket and those tight, tight jeans. I'll bet she thinks she's really something special standing there all like, gorgeous and stuff. Well, she's probably not that great. I'll bet she didn't even once consider pouring cold tea out of a cup from the top of that building onto the people below. No. No she didn't. Ugh. Seriously, how lame

Image Courtesy Splash News

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Wednesday, 09 December 2015 11:29

Here's The Penelope Cruz ZOOLANDER 2 Poster

I've been trying to purchase a Star Wars: Force Awakens poster for two months now but they're all like $200 on Ebay. Isn't that crazy? So until I get lucky and nab one of those, I might just have to appease myself with this striking poster of Penelope Cruz wearing a red leather jumpsuit for Zoolander 2, opening on February 12. I guess nothing says Valentine's day like a babe in tight red leather lying  across an expensive Italian bike. I just hope Donald Trump doesn't see this poster or he'll demand every theater in the country remove it immediately.

"What's a poster of a Mexican actress doing up here in America? That's not right."

"Um, Mr. Trump. She's Spanish."

"What's the difference? They're all terrible. They come here, they take our jobs, they rape our women."

 "All due respect, sir, but she is an Oscar-winning actress and I highly doubt she's raping anybody."

"Somebody's doing the raping! She shouldn't be on the poster. You know who should be on a poster? My gorgeous daughter Ivanka. She should be on posters. YUGE ones. Posters where Ivanka is wearing a Victoria's Secret Chantilly Lace Plunge Teddy and Christian Louboutin heels and diamonds from Harry Winston. That would look great. Real sexy but tasteful too - like when my wife, Melania did Maxim. Don't you think so? Hey, don't look at me like I'm crazy. Know what? You're fired! But call my assistant first and get those posters done up. They're gonna be YUGE! Trump 2016 - Making married daughters hot to father's again."

Image Courtesy Paramount

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We can pretty much all agree by now that Donald Trump is a major brown and orange stain on the American landscape and instead of running for president, he should be locked away in a psychiatric hospital ward where he can brag to the orderlies how YUGE the results from his 3x a day Rogaine regimen is working out for him (or not). 

Well Donny Throw-up has recently taken a bit of a hit in the polls, notably in Iowa where he is now polling behind Cap'n Canada Cruz, so Donny has to put his "Asshole Meter" on blast to appeal to his base. He did that by declaring if elected president (*snicker*), he will create some kind of law thingy where Muslims will not be allowed into the United States and all current Muslim citizens will be told what each one of Lindsay Lohan's sugar-daddies tells her after she spends two months living rent-free inside their expensive London homes - "GIT OUT."

Image Courtesy Washington Post

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Good morning. Guess who got an early visit from Santa this weekend? Lindsay Lohan did. However, Santa didn't bring her an offer to star in any movies, or act in any TV shows, or even give her a movie theater coupon for a free small popcorn with the purchase of a Star Wars: The Force Awakens ticket - although I'm more than certain she wouldn't turn that down. No, Lindsay got herself a brand new expensive Alice Temperley designer coat. I dunno. Maybe she's a fan of Inspector Gadget.

Lindsay posed in her new treasure and posted the image to her Instagram for everyone to see. Nothing unusual there. And at least she's not posting images of 1/2 eaten slimy food anymore.

Also, this comment was taking up most of the page - and it's AWESOME!




Well, he did know the difference between "you're" and "your" and he used them appropriately so I'll give him props for that. See that, Lindsay? Joe does sounds like real a keeper. Sounds like a match made in...uh, somewhere to me. 

Image Courtesy Instagram

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