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Here's Amber Heard As Mera In Aquaman

Earlier this week, director James Wan shared this photo on Twitter of Amber Heard as a Greedo-ish looking character in the upcoming Aquaman movie which also stars Jason Momoa as well, Aquaman, Willem Dafoe, Patrick Wilson and Nicole Kidman(!) as Queen Atlanna. I know absolutely nothing about Aquaman or anything about the character Mera who Amber plays, but Aquaman doesn't open until December 21, 2018 so I have time to brush up on all it. This also gives the Warner Bros. marketing department lots of time to come up with a promotional campaign besides 'Thank God We Don't Have To Compete With A Star Wars Movie This Christmas.' Boy, I Hope they come up with something good because that one I just mentioned will be real tough to improve on.

Image Courtesy Jasin Boland/Warner Bros.


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Those nuns watching Amber Heard walk down a street in Paris had better use some of their pull with the guy upstairs in regards to helping Amber out because after a week of delays, she finally sat for a grilling at the hands of Johnny Depp's attorneys and they went all in.

Amber Heard was grilled until she was well done Saturday, sitting for her long-awaited deposition for 7 long hours. Amber was asked about her claims of violence at the hands of Johnny Depp, and not just on May 21st. She was asked in great detail

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In response to yesterday's awful TMZ post which practically screamed "AMBER HEARD IS A LIAR" (which I wasn't cool with) Samantha F. Spector, Amber's attorney issued a (long) statement defending her client's actions over the past week. Team Amber was left little choice in the matter after Johnny's team has been pushing the "He'd never hurt anyone," angle a little too hard for my liking. Especially when a simple "These allegations are false and hurtful...blah..blah..blah.." would have worked out better for him.  When Johnny's ex-partner, actress Vanessa Paradis submitted her letter of support on Johnny's behalf a few days ago, I was reminded of when Lights defended Jian Ghomeshi shortly after details of his abuse was made public Although Lights later expressed regret for this and dropped Jian as her manager. That was wise.

This - not so much.

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Amber Heard Is Single

Amber Heard is such a caring, compassionate wife and companion to her husband of 15 months, Johnny Depp, that when he leaned that his mother, Betty Sue, passed away this past weekend, Amber dropped everything she had going on to immediately rush to her partner's side to comfort and console him in his hour of grief.

Ha-Ha! Kidding! Amber didn't do anything like that at all. What did she do? Less than 48 hours later, she served him with divorce papers instead and asked for half his fortune and spousal support. Wait, she wants spousal support and half of what he owns? How are they gonna split the Island?

From TMZ: Amber Heard has filed for divorce from Johnny Depp - shockingly 3 days after Johnny's mom died. Amber filed her divorce petition Monday, citing irreconcilable differences. The couple married in February of last year, yet Amber is asking for spousal support. Our sources say the couple had NO prenup. It's especially harsh because Johnny was extremely close to his mother. She says in the divorce docs that they separated on May 22 - 2 days after Johnny's mom passed.

Amber has had a busy week so far. Right after she filed for divorce from Johnny on Monday, she kicked a box of kittens, slapped a baby across their face, spoiled crucial plot details for the current season of Game of Thrones online and indicated to friends and family that she plans on voting for Trump. Oof, what a bitch.

Image Courtesy Vybes

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